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Gifted Magnet Program

What will happen to the district’s magnet schools?

As District 191 proceeds with the Facilities Realignment Process, it will also be completing a review of the magnet programs that are currently offered, which include Harriet Bishop (Gifted & Talented), William Byrne (STEM) and Rahn (Arts & Technology). 

Because the recommendations for school closings will affect how District 191 elementary schools are organized, and because of the opportunity the process offers to review and improve all of our elementary schools, any typical events related to magnet schools - such as information nights and application deadlines - are currently delayed. 

More information regarding magnet programs will be available after the School Board has taken action on closing schools, attendance boundary changes and other related issues.


Using sound research, Harriet Bishop has implemented whole-school gifted education. We use differentiation and schoolwide cluster grouping to maximize learning for all students, while giving all students the opportunity to get to know and learn from each other. We expect excellence in this school, and our students will capitalize on their potential through various learning experiences and collaboration with peers. 

Below is more detail about the mission of Harriet Bishop Gifted and Talented Elementary School. If you are interested in applying for admission, the materials the applications will be available in mid-November.  If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Mission Statement 

Harriet Bishop Gifted and Talented Elementary School's mission is to provide a rigorous curriculum within a flexible environment for a diverse population of students, to develop the gifts and talents of each child. 
Children flourish in an environment that allows them to become self-directed learners and socially responsible citizens. By engaging in various learning experiences that promote cognitive, emotional, physical, social and artistic growth, students will develop an identity and a global awareness.

Our students will learn to capitalize on their potential through learning experiences, choices and collaboration with peers. We foster and recognize critical thinking and accomplishment, and expect excellence. 

Enriched and Rigorous Learning 

Harriet Bishop Gifted and Talented Elementary School is a school-wide gifted and talented school that provides rigorous and enriching curriculum to all its students. 

This magnet school is a hybrid that includes enrichment for all students as well as targeted and leveled instruction within the school day for students who meet the gifted criteria (see Tiers of Placement). The school provides both within-school and outside of school opportunities for highly-gifted students to soar. 

Students at Harriet Bishop Gifted and Talented Elementary School will experience a differentiated curriculum that provides rigor, depth and complexity. This full-time gifted elementary school for kindergarten through fifth grade students provides engaging and challenging experiences and high expectations for students. 

Harriet Bishop Gifted and Talented Elementary School fosters an environment of respect and cultural understanding. With a focus on the whole child, citizenship, stewardship, academic and physical excellence are emphasized. 

The curriculum at Harriet Bishop Gifted and Talented Elementary School aligns to all state and national academic standards, as well as the program standards of the National Association of Gifted Children. 

We are excited to build this community of learners at Harriet Bishop Gifted and Talented Elementary School!

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