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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

BHS welcomes help from students, parents and community members throughout the school year.  As we coordinate volunteer efforts, our goal is to have every family offer five hours or more during the school year.  If you are a BHS student looking for volunteer opportunities, click here. 

Why Volunteer at BHS? 

  • Volunteering is the best way to become involved and to understand what goes on at BHS. 


  • Studies show that students do better when their parents are involved in their academic and activity life. The best way to do that is through volunteering. 


  • Volunteers serve as a link to the community and as supportive spokespersons for our school. 

We currently build a database of volunteers (and their availability) to more efficiently connect our volunteers with the needs of BHS staff and students. 

To volunteer, call 612-308-9038 to leave your name and availability.