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Credit Recovery Information

Making Up Failed Credits

Burnsville High School students have the opportunity to make up missing credits:

  1. Attend summer school
  2. Take online supplemental classes after school during the school year.
  3. Place missing classes within their schedule in lieu of elective classes.

Summer School 

How to sign up: 

  • Schedule an appointment to see your BHS school counselor to fill out the form. 

When to sign up:

  • Students have the opportunity to sign up for summer once May approaches through the first day of summer school.  

What are the dates and times this summer?

  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD

Online Supplemental Classes

The Edgenuity program is coordinated through BHS.  

How to sign-up:

  • Students can sign up with their school counselor.  

When to sign-up:

  • For the fall students should seek out their school counselor during the first few weeks of school.  For the spring students should access their school counselor prior to semester two starting.

What are the dates and times?

  • Online classes are completed outside of the school day and when the student desires to work on the class; however, the student is required to meet with the online teacher 10 times during the semester.  Both the teacher and the student will make these arrangements. Contact your school counselor.