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Achievement Recognition


Sophomores and juniors receive a school letter for being on the A (3.6-4.0) honor roll for both semesters of the school year. The student must have at least a 3.6gradepoint average for each semester (not cumulative) of an academic year and carry a minimum of ten credits per year. Seniors earn an academic letter for being on the A honor roll for the first semester. 


Each fall there is an evening program to recognize inductees into the National Honor Society and to recognize seniors and juniors who earned an academic letter the previous school year. 


Each May, seniors are recognized who:

  • Receive department award for curricular excellence 
  • Receive community scholarship 
  • Receive academic excellence award (GPA of 3.9 or above) 
  • Receive activity excellence award (music, theater, etc.) 
  • Receive co-curricular award for excellence (Lake Conference) 
  • Receive outstanding academic awards 


Participation in the graduation ceremony is a privilege reserved for students who are on track to complete all graduation requirements, credits, state standards and Minnesota Basic Skills Tests, on or before June 9, 2006. An assessment of all 
students and their progress toward graduation will be done on or before May 17, 2006. Programs for commencement are printed two weeks prior to the commencement. Only seniors whose progress has been determined to be on track by May 17, 2006, will have their names included in the commencement program and be allowed to participate in the ceremonies. However, even though a student’s name may appear in the commencement program, a senior may be denied commencement participation because of a violation. These violations could be, but are not limited to:

  • Violation of school policy, 

  • Violation of school district policy, 

  • Delinquent parking fines, 

  • Delinquent activity or athletic fees, 

  • Failure to return school property such as, but not limited to, books, tools, supplies, instruments, and/or athletic equipment, 

  • Failure to pay for lost school property or school property not returned. 


  • Seniors fulfilling graduation requirements receive a diploma at the end of first or second semester. Seniors opting to collect their diploma at the end of the first semester may not attend end-of-year senior activities, events or  graduation ceremony. Regardless, a first semester graduate is considered off roll and is no longer eligible to participate in high school functions. 

  • A senior opting to remain in school all year must register for five or more courses each semester. A student ceases attending high school once he/she receives a diploma. 


BHS has adopted a Dual-Ranking System for honors students. The Dual-Ranking 
System is not a weighted-grade system. Instead, dual ranking involves identifying a group of students who complete a specific set of core classes and establishing a secondary class rank for these students. Beginning this school year, sophomores, juniors and seniors who qualify will receive this secondary class ranking at the end of each semester marking period. 

Minimum Course Requirements: End of SEMESTER ONE End of SEMESTER TWO: 

  • Sophomore Year 2 honors credits 4 honors credits

  • Junior Year 7 honors credits 10 honors credits 

  • Senior Year 12 honors credits 14 honors credits 

Eligible Courses: 

  • Hon. LA 10 (TBD) Hon. Algebra II 

  • Hon. Biology 

  • CIS French 5 

  • Hon. LA 11 

  • AP/CIS American History 

  • Hon. Pre-Calculus 

  • Hon. Chemistry 

  • CIS Spanish 5 

  • Hon. Media, Literature and Research 

  • AP/CIS American Government 

  • AP Calculus AB 

  • Hon. Physics 

  • CIS Writing and Critical Reading 

  • AP Economics 

  • AP Calculus BC 

  • Hon. Chem. Analysis 

  • CIS Literature (TBD) 

  • AP Psychology 

  • AP Statistics Hon. ASIR 

  • Hon. Mythic Patterns 

  • AP Environmental Science (TBD) 


The honorees must be enrolled at Burnsville Senior High School and are recognized at commencement. Graduates with distinction have an accumulated grade-point average of greater than or equal to 3.6, but less than 3.9, through five semesters. A student must have received 27 or more senior high semester credits through five semesters. Graduates with high distinction have an accumulated 3.900 or higher grade-point average through five semesters. A student must have received 27 or more senior high semester credits through five semesters. 


These courses offer college credit and/or a more challenging approach to a similar course at an average level: 

  • Adv. Literature/Composition 
  • Adv. Placement American History 
  • Adv. Placement Calculus AB 
  • Adv. Placement Calculus BC 
  • Adv. Placement Am. Government 
  • Adv. Placement Psychology 
  • Adv. Placement Computer/Science 
  • Honors Geometry 
  • Honors FST 
  • Honors Advanced Algebra 
  • Honors Pre-calculus Discrete Math 
  • Honors Physics 
  • Honors Biology 
  • Honors Chemistry 
  • Adv. Scientific Research 
  • Honors English 10 
  • Honors English 11 
  • Honors English 12/Contemporary American Literature, Media and Research 
  • Honors Mythic Patterns/Humanities 
  • French 5 
  • Spanish 5 

AP Tests Coordinator: Jeff Limke  


Numerical equivalencies are used to determine the “A” and “B” honor rolls for each semester. Students who have achieved an average of 3.600 to 4.000 will be listed on the “A” honor roll. Students who have achieved an average of 2.950 to 3.599 will be listed on the “B” honor roll. Student must be full-time at BHS to be eligible for the honor roll. 

Grade equivalents are: 
      A 4.000 B- 2.600 D+ 1.300 
      A- 3.600 C+ 2.300 D 1.000 
      B+ 3.300 C 2.000 D- .600 
      B 3.000 C- 1.600 F .000 


Students at BHS are eligible to earn entry into National Honor Society if they have earned enough credits to be at junior or senior grade level status and have a 3.600 cumulative grade point average or higher. Juniors and seniors will be contacted in the fall semester if they have qualified to enter NHS. Membership is offered only once a year. NHS membership is based not only on academics but also on service, leadership, and character. Thus, students must be able to demonstrate those qualities to gain entrance into NHS; once they are a part of the organization, they must continue to meet those standards. 


Student athletes who hope to receive college athletic scholarships must carefully plan their schedules to include 26 semester core courses. A list of courses approved by the NCAA is available in the Guidance Office, along with an application that prospective athletes complete during their senior year. NCAA requirements and
approved courses are subject to change. 


Students must have no absences or tardies to qualify. (Absences labeled as Guidance, O-office, or A-activity do not count.) 


PSEO provides juniors and seniors with an opportunity to receive collegiate  and secondary school credit for a college course. Please note: PSEO grades and credits do apply toward and are calculated into, the GPA when determining awards and level of graduation distinction.

Contact: Veronica Walter


The honorees must be enrolled at Burnsville Senior High School and are announced at commencement. Valedictorian and salutatorian are determined by calculating all senior high credits through six semesters. A student must have received 36 or more semester credits in grades 10-12. Thirty-two of the credits must be earned while enrolled at BHS. (All final grades must be posted by the last day of school in order to be recognized at graduation).