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General BAHS Info

General Information

  • Any student 10th grade and older may apply to enter the Burnsville Alternative High School. A parent, counselor, or the Student Assistance Team may refer students.
  • Students may take any number of classes at BAHS depending on their needs and interests. They are also eligible to attend Dakota County Technical College, or participate (if eligible) in any co-curricular option available to Burnsville High School students.
  • Most of the classes offered by the alternative HS program are 2-period, block classes that meet for a full quarter. Students may access any local high school course unavailable at the alternative setting with BALC administration approval.
  • Students must be making reasonable progress toward graduation to continue participation in the program. If a student is failing to make satisfactory progress, a meeting will be held to determine what educational option is appropriate.
  • Students graduating from BES ALC may participate in the ALC graduation ceremony, their local school ceremony or both.


  • Students may take any credits necessary to earn a high school diploma.
  • Credits from other accredited high schools transfer to the Burnsville Alternative High School. For credit questions, please contact DeSha Russell, Guidance Counselor, at 952-707-4031.


  • Students must complete all required work and meet the attendance standards in order to receive credit.
  • At the end of each quarter, students can receive one semester credit for each block class.


  • Students are evaluated both on course content, the skills they demonstrate in acquiring the material presented, and their attendance. Grades will reflect quality of the work completed, level of participation in class, and daily attendance.
  • Emphasis is placed on the quality of the student's day to day performance.
  • Students will receive a weekly progress report.


  • Attendance is a critical component of thealternative program. Attendance is directly tied into the credit a student earns. It is a part of the student's grade.
  • According to Minnesota State law, all students are to be in school until the age of 18. A student is considered truant if they have 7 unexcused absences, either 7 full days, single periods on 7 different days, or a combination of both. A truancy report must be filed with the county. The goal is to keep students in school. The BES ALC high school alternative program abides by this law and will respond accordingly.