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College Access Program


AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is both a building wide initiative and an elective program, which is designed to help students prepare for and succeed in college. The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students, especially students in the academic middle, will succeed in the most rigorous honors/ Advanced Placement curriculum while participating in school activities. AVID is a college prep program; it is not remedial. The goal is that the students be ready to enroll in a four-year college upon completion of high school. 

AVID serves students building wide by ensuring they acquire the organizational and study skills needed for them to be successful. BHS students learn to use school-wide academic strategies to develop critical thinking skills and ask probing questions in all academic courses. Through AVID, BHS aims to change the academic expectations for students among both students and staff. The students enrolled in the AVID elective course serve as leaders on campus for establishing a “college bound” culture. They represent BHS and the AVID program by having a positive impact on their peers. 

Students in the AVID elective class receive additional organizational and study skills assistance. They also work with college tutors, participate in enrichment and motivational activities, and learn to plan for their future so college becomes an expectation. AVID is a national researched based program which has 93% of AVID's graduates enrolling in a college (which is 75% better than the national average). Over 60% of AVID graduates enroll in a four-year college.

Contact: Norine Moulsoff


Nationwide, over 90 percent of the colleges that most Advanced Placement candidates have attended give credit and/or advanced placement to students whose Advanced Placement Examination grades are considered acceptable. Social Studies and Mathematics offer courses that prepare students to take Advanced Placement Examinations in these areas. Examinations are also offered in numerous other curricular areas. Examinations are ordered in April and are administered in May. A student who is interested should see a counselor. Students may take advanced placement courses without sitting for the examinations. 

  • Adv. Placement American History A & B 
  • Adv. Placement Calculus AB A & B
  • Adv. Placement Calculus BC A & B
  • Adv. Placement Chemistry A & B 
  • Adv. Placement Computer/Science
  • Adv. Placement Environmental Science A & B
  • Adv. Placement Psychology
  • Adv. Placement Statistics A & B 
  • Adv. Placement World History 10 

Contact: Cherie Braspenick


College Possible is making college admission and success possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. 

Coaches, serving as AmeriCorps members, guide high school students through all of the key aspects of preparing for college during after-school sessions for two hours twice a week. Over the course of their junior and senior years, students complete 320 hours of curriculum in a supportive group of college-bound peers.

The junior curriculum orients students to the college application process, provides extensive preparation for the ACT/SAT exam, introduces students to college life through campus tours and allows time for students to apply for summer enrichment opportunities.

The senior curriculum leads students through the college application process, assists students in applying for financial aid and scholarships and guides students through the transition to college.

College Students Served

College Possible high school graduates are coached through the transition to college and are supported all the way through college graduation. Their coaches, serving as AmeriCorps members, prepare them to be financially literate students with great study skills, ready to face the common obstacles to graduation.

College Prep Talks

College Possible service members, along with current College Possible students when possible, introduce younger students to the possibilities of college and provide them with steps to prepare.

Contact: Allison Brown or Brendan Klein 


U of M CIS

College-in-the-Schools is a program in cooperation with the University of Minnesota, students may gain college credit for satisfactory completion of any of the following courses: 

  • College-in-the-Schools American Literature 
  • College-in-the-Schools Writing and Critical Reading 
  • College-in-the-Schools American History 
  • College-in-the-Schools American Government 
  • College-in-the-Schools Economics 
  • French 5 
  • Spanish 5 

Inver Hills In-Prep and In-College


Normandale (business)


Hennepin Tech (auto)



Upward Bound helps students succeed academically by giving them the tools they need to first graduate from high school before enrolling in and graduating from college. Upward Bound participants have "college potential," but are often unaware of the academic and career options beyond high school. This is an after school program for students who apply and qualify. Contact: Caitlin Siefkes and Kenneth White