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Districtwide Pathways

Starting in the 2020-21 school term, all students across our district will begin to experience our nationally recognized Pathways program. We believe our extraordinary learners can live their lives at the intersection of passion and purpose — and through this program, students can discover more about what they love earlier in life.  

At every stage, we are creating learning opportunities that ignite a sense of wonder, interest and discovery in each and every student. More than anything, we want students to explore their own interests and curiosities, then receive expanded growth opportunities as they reach high school.

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Grades Pre-K - 5

We light a spark for learning in each child and help to instill a sense of excitement and creativity.

Elementary Pathways

Grades 6 - 8

We ignite the interests and passions in each child to explore the world around them.

Middle School Pathways

Grades 9 - 12

We fan the flame to create a blaze in each student and help them to discover all that is possible.

High School Pathways


Pathways By the Numbers

Our Pathways program has grown and changed from a pilot program into a truly integrated learning experience that has gained attention from local and national educators. See just a few of the ways we shine.

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More than 200 partnerships with local businesses and organizations provide relevant learning opportunities for students. More than 40 districts/schools from around the country have visited to learn about Pathways.