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Guidelines for Internet Use

General Appropriate Instructional Uses of the Internet 
Internet access offers vast, diverse and unique resources to both students and staff. The goal in providing this service to staff and students is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication. The use of the Internet support education and research and be consistent with the educational objectives of ISD 191. 
Prohibited Use of School District Internet Resources 
Students and staff are expressly prohibited from using ISD 191 Internet resources to: 
  1. Access, upload, download, or distribute any material that violates the district’s violence/ harassment (ACA/JBA) or respectful behavior (ACB/JBB) policies. 
  2. Transmit obscene, abusive or sexually explicit language. 
  3. Violate any local, state or federal statute. 
  4. Vandalize, damage or disable the property of another person or organization. 
  5. Access materials, information or files without the implied or direct permission of that person or organization. 
  6. Violate copyright laws or otherwise use another person’s intellectual property without prior approval or proper citation, including the downloading or exchanging of pirated software or copying software to or from any school computer. 
  7. Use for unauthorized commercial purposes and/or financial gain of the user. 
Consequences for Misuse/Abuse of the Internet 
Failure to adhere to the policy and guidelines of Internet usage will result in one or more of the following consequences:
  • Individual warning 
  • Loss of Internet privileges 
  • Loss of credit involving Internet activities 
  • Loss of computer privileges 
  • Referral to administration for additional discipline. 
Monitoring adherence to these guidelines and administering consequences to violators is the responsibility of the professional staff at each building. 
Additional Guidelines 
Permission of and supervision by the school’s professional staff is required before a student may access the Internet. The district believes that the educational value of student Internet use is the joint responsibility of students, parents and employees of the school district. 
Parents must understand that while Internet use in the district is a closely supervised activity, it is also an open system that does contain a small percentage of information and visual images that are inappropriate for school-age students. Students may encounter material that parents may consider inappropriate. The student is responsible for not pursuing material that could be considered offensive. 
Parents should feel free to call the district’s teaching staff to discuss any concerns they may have about their child’s access to Internet. 
In addition, the school district’s Internet policy and guidelines are available for review by all parents, guardians, staff and members of the community through the official Board of Education policy manual located in each school and the Administrative Services Center, communications sent home, district web pages ( and by other means as determined by district staff.