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Early Admittance to Kindergarten

Initial admission to kindergarten shall be solely on the basis of chronological age, except in special cases. The goal of this policy is to give consideration for early entrance to children who have missed the birth date cut-off by two months or less (Sept. 2 through Oct. 31), and who demonstrate superior potential readiness in intellectual, social, emotional and physical areas.

In cases where parents request early admission to kindergarten, the procedure will be as follows:

  • Direct any questions about early admission to the building principal. Use SchoolSearch to search for your neighborhood school, or contact the Enrollment Center at 952-707-4180.
  • Parents should fill out the Kindergarten Early Entrance application form and give to their building principal. This must be completed by April 15.-
  • Upon receipt of the Kindergarten Early Entrance application form, the principal will determine if the child fits the eligibility for early entrance.
  • If the child is eligible, they will meet with a kindergarten teacher. This meeting will consist of Kindergarten assessments and interview.
  • Parents will be notified around May 20 if their child does or does not meet the criteria for early entrance.
  • If the child does meet the criteria, the parents will arrange for the child to be further evaluated by a licensed school psychologist not employed by this district, and will be tested in the areas of school readiness, intellectual ability and fine and gross motor skills, the cost of which shall be borne by the parents. If the family qualifies for free and reduced lunch, the evaluation will be completed by the district.
  • The licensed school psychologist’s report will be sent to the building principal by June 15.
  • By June 30, the report will be reviewed by the Early Entrance committee and determination for admittance or rejection will be reported to the parents around June 30.

All early entrance placements will be considered trial placements.

  • During the first quarter, a school psychologist will conduct a classroom observation and meet with the principal and the classroom teacher to consider appropriateness of the placement.
  • In the event that it is determined that the child is misplaced, the building principal will meet with the parent(s) and appropriate staff to determine the course of action.