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One91 Virtual Academy

One91 Virtual Academy will follow the district’s unique Pathways model, which supports students in finding their passions and purpose so they are prepared for success throughout school and after graduation. It will be available for students in grades K-12, assuming enrollment is high enough to support each grade level, and open to District 191 residents and students from outside the district. 

We know that many students enjoy and thrive in an online environment. Our experience and success providing and continually improving our distance learning option, and our commitment to equitable and student-centered learning, has put us in a strong position to offer a high-quality online experience for families. 

one91 virtual academy

Enroll in One91 Virtual Academy!

Enrollment is now open for the new District 191 online school for the 2021-22 school year.

The Initial Enrollment Period will run from April 10 to April 25. Students enrolling after that will be placed on a waiting list, with additional spaces opened depending on interest. 

The enrollment process depends on whether your student currently attends a District 191 school or a school in another school district. See the choices below before proceeding with enrollment. 


for students currently enrolled in District 191

If your student is currently enrolled in a One91 school but would like to enroll in the One91 Virtual Academy (VA), please complete the One91 VA Enrollment form and return to the Enrollment Center. 

One91 VA Enrollment Form for Current 191 Students (English)One91 VA Enrollment Form for Current 191 Students (Somali)

One91 VA Enrollment Form for Current 191 Students (Spanish)


For students who currently live in District 191 but are not enrolled in One91

If your student resides in the One91 community, is not currently enrolled in One91 and would like to enrolled In One91 Virtual Academy, please click on the link below and follow the online enrollment process.

Enroll Online



For students who do not live within District 191 boundaries and want to open enroll

If your student does not live in One91, is not currently enrolled in One91 and would like to open enroll into One91, please click on the link below and follow the enrollment process.

Open enroll


Online Learning Aligned to Pathways

Elementary School

Online elementary students will have learning opportunities aligned with all of our pathways and will allow young scholars to explore a variety of themes and topics. Through embedded activities, events, and targeted exposure to all four pathways, our online elementary students will learn about the world through music, computer programming, virtual field trips to theaters and zoos, and project-based activities designed to spark new curiosities. 

Middle School

Our online middle school students are in a time of great discovery of who they are and of the world. We know middle school students thrive when their unique social-emotional needs and young adolescent culture is supported. Our middle school pathways alignment is designed around learning, leadership and culture, fueling the passions and interests of our students. Whether in person or through our online school, middle school students will engage in these areas to explore academic interests, develop leadership skills, and engage in strategic social-emotional growth and support. 

High School

At the high school level, students can choose to attend One91 Virtual Academy full time, or take some courses online while attending Burnsville High School or Burnsville Alternative High School. 

The high school pathway experience allows for flexibility for students as they engage and participate in high school courses. Students are not required to focus on a singular pathway but those students who have found an area of high interest can take a sequence of courses. Courses are layered to provide students with the skill development needed to successfully earn the industry-recognized credentials. 

Students in the online school will have the opportunity to engage in the Arts, Communication, Information Technology pathway courses for 2021-2022 and we look forward to continuing to develop online pathway options in the future. 

Instruction built for online, not just online delivery of instruction

Our distance learning experience has provided invaluable opportunities to explore, design, redesign, and expand successful online instruction. 

One91 Virtual Academy courses are created using principles of blended learning lesson design incorporating the elements of Engage-Explore-Explain-Elaborate-Evaluate, while course content still tightly adheres to essential and enduring content standards. 

Teachers will use instructional strategies that focus on interaction, inclusion and collaboration to ensure lessons are designed specifically for online learning.

As is the case across all District 191 schools, teachers will use the lens of cultural proficiency in the design of lessons, including content selection, student materials, activities, student voice, and assessment. The CPSS tools are in place district-wide and provide teachers with the framework for more equitable and inclusive classroom instruction.