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Special Education

Special Education is a vital and inclusive component of Burnsville High School's educational programming. Along with mainstream educators, the Special Education Staff of BHS works to meet the educational needs of students who, through an evaluation process, have met specific criterion that qualifies them for Special Education Service.

After a student qualifies for Special Education, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is designed by an IEP team. The IEP is a legal document that contains the goals, objectives, and adaptations necessary to meet the educational needs identified in the student's evaluation. 

Identified educational needs are met through a continuum of services. We provide support in mainstream classes working with classroom teachers. We offer skills classes in reading, writing, math, advocacy, career exploration, work based learning, and learning strategies. 

District Administrator

Building Administrator

BHS Three Site-based Programs: 


Setting Three EBD Program (STEP) is designed to meet the needs of students with emotional/behavioral disorders who need support 60% or more of their day. 

STEP Teachers


Functional Education for Successful Transition (FEST) is designed to meet the needs of students with cognitive impairments including Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

FEST Teachers: 

Neurobiological (NB) Program

Individuals demonstrating behaviors linked to medically diagnosed neurobiological syndromes such as: Tourette’s Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Asperger’s Syndrome, may benefit from programming within the realm of the Neurobiological Program. These students may receive special education services under the categories of: Other Health Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury or possibly, Emotional-Behavioral Disorders. Students are typically high functioning, verbal students who can manage classes within the general education population with additional support from special education staff. 
NB Staff: 

NB Teachers:

Resource Room

Students needing academic support with homework, project completion, alternative settings for testing, and/or access to assistive technology may do so through the Resource Room D212. Room is staffed by a Special Education staff member every class period. Contact your students case manager for more information.

Resource Teachers: 

Evaluation Team



Service Providers:

Social Workers

Work Coordinator

Special Education Support Staff:

  • Jann Adrian
  • Habiba Ali
  • Arnold Andreasen
  • David Berg
  • Vicki Chroust
  • Dave Dixon
  • Angela Garvis
  • Jodell Greiner
  • Helen Holtan
  • Linda Kayter
  • Joe Kinsella
  • Ryan Columbus
  • Janet Larson
  • Diane Lorig
  • Joni Martinson
  • April Mojica
  • Mark Nelson
  • Travis Nowlan
  • Marina Paul
  • Steve Ray
  • Holly Smidt
  • Sally Thoennes
  • Denise Wolff