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Nicollet FIRE

Nicollet Middle School is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where all students can be successful in school. To support this commitment, we use an organizational approach called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) that sets consistent expectations throughout the school, uses a common language when talking about behavior, and focuses on reinforcing good choices that students make every day.Our program is called FIRE because we Focus on academics, foster Integrity, take Responsibility for our actions, and demonstrate Excellence in all areas.

Why FIRE is Important

  • We use data about our students and school to make decisions
  • FIRE sets common expectations for students and teachers
  • We emphasize an instructional approach to behavior management
  • We have a common language about how we interact as a leaning community
  • We try to be specific about they way our expectations look in practice
  • We focus on reinforcing the good choices students make (Caught in the Act Tickets and V.I.P. passes)
  • We are integrating initiatives, programs and interventions to have common outcomes related to student achievement.

FIRE Expectations


We are excited to offer a student advisory program at Nicollet called TORCH (Teaching Organization, Responsibility, College-readiness and Honor). As the name indicates, the Nicollet teaching staff will present weekly lessons with themes which include:
  • Discussions about course planning for middle school, high school, college and post-secondary awareness.
  • Teaching students academic goal setting and specific learning strategies for success.
  • Promoting positive school climate.
  • Navigating social situations.
These lessons align with the Common Core academic curriculum standards and educational research indicating that advisory programming in the middle grades help students increase their academic success. Nicollet’s AVID program has already helped build a strong culture of academic achievement and, at Nicollet, we look forward to the continuing success of our students.