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Question 2: Five Fast Facts

Q2: Technology for Classrooms

Question 2 on the ballot is a $2.5 million per year for 10 years funding request for technology resources. If approved, the funding would:

  • Provide technology and digital resources, such as Chromebooks, iPads, ebooks and online learning management systems, to improve how students learn by:
    • Individualizing learning to meet the needs of students at all levels
    • Supporting collaboration among students and teachers
    • Improving assessment options for teachers
    • Allowing teaching and learning to take place anytime, anywhere
  • Prepare students for the future by:
    • Gaining skills needed for technology related education and careers
    • Learning and working in ways that reflect real-world school/work environments
  • Create the structure and support systems needed for today’s schools by:
    • Providing equitable access to technology for all students/classrooms
    • Providing ongoing training and support for teachers
    • Creating a robust, reliable and secure technology infrastructure


How would increased technology improve learning?

Additional funding for technology would allow the district to significantly increase student access to technology tools, online resources, collaborative problem-solving experiences and different approaches to learning. Technology facilitates the personalization of learning to meet the needs, interests and pacing for each student.

Technology can also help teachers be more effective and efficient. Some tools would allow teachers to quickly assess student understanding on a topic and change instruction in response, and it would provide access to videos, simulations, activities and other materials that reinforce quality teaching in the classroom. Technology would allow teachers to receive additional professional learning opportunities and support for new strategies, activities, projects and overall instruction to meet students in their digital world.

What happens if Question 2 is not approved?

Without a stable source of technology funding, resources would not be available for a comprehensive, districtwide approach to technology integration into classrooms. Any progress would continue to be gradual, sporadic and piecemeal, because adequate funding would not be available. Students and staff would not have equal access to technology tools and resources across the district, resulting in missed opportunities and inequities.

Teachers’ ability to individualize instruction and respond to student learning needs would be limited. Staff would not have access to training for proper use of technology in classrooms. Students would graduate with limited technology knowledge and experience that is expected in today’s colleges and workplaces.

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