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Medallion Hunt Begins

Snow Week Medallion Hunt 2020 begins Jan. 27th!


Here we go once again.  Let the medallion hunt begin.  The winner is to bring the medallion to Mr. Riggs to receive their $100.00 prize.


  • The medallion is somewhere inside BHS main campus.
  • The medallion is NOT hidden in any ceiling tiles.
  • The medallion is NOT hidden in any AED cases.
  • The medallion is NOT in any garbage cans.
  • The medallion is NOT in any trophy cases.
  • The medallion is NOT in any display cases.

Please be respectful to school property.  You will only need your sleuth skills to find the medallion.


Monday- Involves something that was a part of Burnsville High. Thinking about it makes one wonder why.

Tuesday- It’s still around, just not at BHS. We’ve always had to do more with less.