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Programming to Improve Student Achievement

Achievement and Integration

In accordance with Minnesota Statues 2013, section 124D.861-862, Minnesota's Achievement and Integration program was established to close Minnesota's academic achievement and opportunity gap.

Participating districts are to pursue racial and economic integration and to increase academic achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students' racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

From MDE Achievement and Integration Program Guidance, Oct. 17, 2013

Read more about Achievement & Integration in District 191


The purpose of Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS) is to provide instruction to assist students who need additional academic or behavioral support to succeed in the general education environment. The goal is to reduce the number of referrals to special education by providing supports early to struggling students. Districts are expected to align the ADSIS program within their existing continuum of supports and collect data as specified in the application and submit evaluation information to the Minnesota Department of Education each year to determine program impact.


Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), is a college readiness program that helps students identify and develop the skills necessary to be successful in high school and college. The AVID curriculum is driven by WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) standards. AVID is available at Nicollet Middle School and Burnsville High School

Early Childhood

READY! for Kindergarten

Parent Education Classes for parents with children newborn to age 5. This program provides parents the opportunity to impact the lively early-learning years before a child enters school, time which lays the foundation for all future learning. 

  • READY! teaches parents how to "play with purpose," which builds strong minds and relationships.
  • Ready to Learn (Preschool and Child Care)

English Learners

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage offers a district-wide English As a Second Language (ESL) program to meet the needs of our students who are English Language Learners. The program provides English language development in the four domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing and prepares students to be successful in the academic mainstream classroom. More about ESL in District 191

Gifted and Talented

District 191 offers Gifted & Talented programming/honors courses at all schools in the district. In addition, Eagle Ridge Middle School and Harriet Bishop Elementary house Gifted & Talented magnet programs that serve students from both within and outside their attendance boundaries.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

We know students learn best in a safe and supportive environment. Each of our schools fosters that type of culture through a unique Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program. These programs set consistent expectations throughout the school, use a common language when talking about behavior, and focus on reinforcing good choices that students make every day. Nicollet Middle School, in particular, has been a leader in the state in implementing PBIS.

Special Education Services

State and federal laws require that all school districts provide special education programs and services to resident school-age children with disabilities. Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Independent School District provides a full continuum of special education services to students with disabilities. Learn more about Special Education in District 191

Title I and II

Title Programs are federally funded as part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The purpose of Title I programming is to provide supplemental academic interventions that will help students become proficient in grade level reading and math. The purpose of Title 2 is to provide professional development to teachers to effectively implement the MN Academic Standards and assist students in mastering content. The purpose of Title 3 is to provide services to students whose first language is not English in developing the language skills needed to actively participate and succeed in the English-speaking classroom.

College and Career Readiness

In today's global economy, students must be well-prepared for the demands of college and the workplace. We provide and support the development of quality resources, tools and strategies designed to assist students as they transition from middle school to high school and into an increasingly wide array of postsecondary options

Ready, Set, Go MN

To support our state’s commitment to prepare all youth for postsecondary opportunities, we have developed the Ready, Set, Go website for educators, families, and students. This site provides resources for college and career readiness and accelerated course options in Minnesota, including:

  • Tools for students to be successful in high school and prepare them for their postsecondary experiences.
  • Information for families on how to access these opportunities.
  • An interactive curriculum resource area for educators to support these goals.