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Flexible Learning Plan

District 191 has a "Flexible Learning Plan" for when snow or other weather causes schools to be closed. With flexible learning days, learning is interrupted less throughout the school year. Avoiding canceled days also maintains the integrity of the district’s overall academic calendar so students, staff and families can plan ahead.

How does the Flexible Learning Plan work?

Under the plan, the first cancellation due to severe weather will remain a typical 'snow day' or school closure. For subsequent cancellations (up to 5 days), flexible learning days will be implemented. Though conducted at home, a flexible learning day is considered a regular school day. Students and teachers are expected to participate in flexible learning day activities.

Learn how families will be alerted when weather affects the school day

On a flexible learning day, teachers, administrators and other licensed professionals will be available by email or Schoology from 9 to 11 a.m. and from 1 to 3 p.m. to answer questions, provide guidance or otherwise engage students.

  • For grades 6-12, teachers will publish lessons by 9 a.m. using Schoology, the district’s online learning system, so students can access courses and complete assigned work.

  • For grades PreK-5, students will complete portions of selected learning activities created and distributed in advance by their teachers.

Early Childhood Special Education Flexible Learning Day Resources

ECSE Flex Learning Plan Board 1

ECSE Parent Letter Flex Learning Plan

Elementary Flexible Learning Day Resources

Kindergarten Flex Learning Plan Board 1 

1st Grade Flex Learning Plan Board 1 

2nd Grade Flex Learning Plan Board 1 

3rd Grade Flex Learning Plan Board 1 

4th Grade Flex Learning Plan Board 1

5th Grade Flex Learning Plan Board 1

Elementary Flexible Learning Day Parent/Student Checklist 

Secondary Flexible Learning Day Resources

Schoology is the hub for flexible learning days. It is required that students log into Schoology to get their assignments, information, and to ensure attendance is documented.

Students, staff and parents can provide feedback if a flexible learning day is called so the plan can be adjusted and improved going forward.

Flexible Learning Online Form for Feedback/Questions