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Profile of a One91 Learner

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Developed in collaboration with community members, families, students and staff — and born out of the district’s Strategic Roadmap — the District 191 Profile of a Learner provides a clear explanation of the knowledge sets, skills, and abilities that District 191 students will gain as they progress from Pre-Kindergarten through high school graduation. 

If the Roadmap is the “how” we do things, the Profile is the “what” for students in PreK through 12th grade. It lays out clearly that District 191 students will be:

  • Academically Ready
  • Civic-Minded
  • Culturally Proficient
  • Financially Ready
  • Future Ready
  • Life Ready 
  • Workplace Ready

To see all the details and definitions within each category, download the complete District 191 Profile of a Learner.

Looking ahead, we’ll use the Profile to inform our curriculum all along the PreK-12 continuum. Over the next year and beyond, a big part of our work will be identifying where and how we’re instilling these attributes in our students, and addressing any gaps. As we fine-tune this process, we will rely on our valued community partners to continue to provide expertise, feedback, and student experiences, as we support the comprehensive needs of whole student development.

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Superintendent's Column

In 2023, in an effort to make public schools work better for everyone, leaders in the Minnesota State Legislature made it clear that education was a top priority and that they intended to take big steps, not little ones. They made good on that intention, and the results will have significant impacts on districts across the state, including Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191.