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Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is provided at no cost to students or families for the following reasons: 

  • If a student has a medical condition that is projected to keep him/her out of school for 15 days or more, homebound instruction provided by a licensed teacher can be made available. The student will need to provide the school nurse with medical documentation from his/her physician. The school nurse will process the referral to the Executive Director of Individualized Student Services.

  • If a student is expelled from school, homebound instruction is provided beginning on the 6th consecutive day of suspension and/or expulsion. The Assistant Superintendent will make the referral to the Executive Director of Student Services.


  • Students who have an Individual Educational Program (IEP) plan may be provided homebound instruction for reasons related to their disabilities. Under these circumstances, the IEP team including staff and parents determines the appropriate placement, and makes the referral to the Executive Director of Individualized Student Services.


The Executive Director of Student Services is responsible for overseeing this program. 


**If you are a licensed teacher who would like to provide homebound instruction, please contact Julie Struck at 952-707-2082 for more information.