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High School

Blaze a new trail. Become a beacon.

By the time students enter high school, they’ve done meaningful self-discovery and can engage in the critical thinking needed to put action to their desires. With a host of opportunities, including exposure to career possibilities, experiential learning, mentorship, career path experts and thorough training, District 191 high school students can move on to the next step with an incredible array of experiences. But most importantly, they’ll be equipped with tools to navigate their journey, no matter what life throws their way.


The One91 Pathways journey culminates at Burnsville High School, where students apply their love of learning and developed sense of self to envision a future where their aspirations are truly within reach. There’s so much to discover, and we can’t wait to support learners as they learn what lights them up.

"Choose classes that involve you in something you like or are good at doing. Not only will you do well, but you will enjoy being in class."

- Eloisa Carrasco
Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Technologies Pathway

one91 pathways

High School Pathways Highlights

4 Career Fields

14 Pathways

5 Industry Certifications

200 Industry Partners

College & Career Center

One91 Pathways enables students to discover their passions and align their coursework to those passions. Throughout their time at BHS, student are not just working on graduating high school. Students graduate high school with a plan for their futures. Our College & Career Center helps students make that plan a reality.

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AVID is a program dedicated to equipping students with strategies to prepare for greater academic rigor as they move through their school years and start thinking about college and career preparedness. As a methodology, AVID is taught across all grade levels. However, elective courses are available to students who interview and are accepted into the program.

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Burnsville Alternative High School

Burnsville Alternative High School is an educational option with a small, community-based high school environment, also allowing students to work on credit recovery.  A Burnsville High School diploma is available for all students.

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