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Middle School Pathways | Ignite Discovery

We ignite the interests and passions in each student​ to explore the world around them.

District 191 middle schools will reflect the research-based characteristics of a true middle school model, while also aligning directly with the high school pathways model. Middle school is a place to ignite passion and discovery in students, preparing them to blaze their own path in high school and beyond. 

We will provide systems to support unique social-emotional needs and culture of young adolescents, as well as support advanced learners. Elective and exploratory classes will create an explicit bridge to Burnsville High School pathways. 

Middle School Characteristics 


  • Value unique needs of young adolescents
  • Active, purposeful learning
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Multiple learning approaches
  • Varied assessments


  • Shared vision between schools
  • Committed leaders
  • Courageous & collaborative leadership
  • Organization structures for purposeful learning & relationships
  • Ongoing professional development


  • Safe and inclusive school environment
  • Adult advocate for each student
  • Guidance & support services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Family Engagement
  • Community Partnerships

Implementing Middle School Pathways

Year 1: 2020-2021 Implementation

  • Schedule redesign
  • AVID for Advisory
  • WIN time linked to math and ELA blocks
  • Pathways alignment of exploratory and electives
  • Transition and orientation programs for incoming Gr 6 & outgoing Gr 8
  • SEL program implementation

Year 2: 2021-2022 Implementation

  • Restorative practices expansion
  • Project-based learning - entrepreneurship: training and planning
  • Next Generation Science Standards implementation