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Curriculum in ISD191 is based on state and national academic standards in each subject area. 

In May 2011, a written curriculum management plan was approved by the Board of Education that supports high levels of academic achievement for all students and which includes the following components:

  •  A philosophical framework for the design of the curriculum;
  •  A planned cycle of curriculum review for all subject areas at all grade levels;
  •  A description of the roles and responsibilities of the Board, central office staff members, and school-based staff members;
  • The timing, scope and procedures for curricular review;
  • The format and components for curriculum guides;
  • A description of how state and national standards will be included in the curriculum;
  • A description of how assurances will be made that the curriculum is culturally inclusive;
  • An assessment plan and procedures to determine curriculum effectiveness;
  • The approaches by which assessment data will be used to strengthen curriculum and instruction;
  • A plan for linking a comprehensive staff development program to curriculum design and delivery;
  • Procedures for monitoring curriculum delivery; and
  • A communication plan for the process of curriculum design and delivery, as well as celebration of progress and quality.