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Transportation 'Opt-Out' for fall 2020

One91 Families,

This year, to help keep students safe, we have to limit how many students can ride on a bus. This means the district will not have as much space for students as we usually do. 

We are asking families to help us and their neighbors by using a different way of getting their students to school, if they can. For instance, you might be able to drive your children to school, share a ride with your friends or neighbors, or your student might be able to walk or ride their bike if it’s safe. 

Eagle Ridge buses to pick-up students 5 minutes earlier

Starting on Tuesday, Sept. 16, all Eagle Ridge Junior High students who ride the bus will be picked up five minutes earlier in the morning. This change is being made to help ensure students arrive to school on time.

There will be no change to the after-school drop-off schedule.

If you have questions about the change, please contact the District 191 Transportation office at (952) 707-2067.