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Get to know leaders of the Eagle Ridge student leadership group CREDO

The main purpose of the student leadership group CREDO is to help build a positive culture at Eagle Ridge Middle School (ERMS), according to adviser Michelle Henderson, a counselor at the school.

“We want ALL ERMS students to feel like they belong and are part of ERMS,” she said. “We offer various activities to build community so all students feel connected.

“Student leaders who have the potential to lead our student body in a positive way, to promote kindness and generosity, and be role models for younger students are selected for CREDO,” said Henderson.

Student voices will help build positive culture at Metcalf Middle School

Student leaders at Metcalf Middle School recently gathered with new administrators at their school to share ideas and opinions about revising the school’s positive behaviors and interventions plan (PBIS).

“For you to take time to attend on a summer day speaks highly of you and your commitment to our school,” said Associate Principal Akram Osman. “We want to make Metcalf Middle School the best middle school in the country and we need your ideas to do that.”