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Statement Regarding Fire Alarm At Burnsville High School On Feb. 16

A fire alarm was activated the evening of Feb. 16 at Burnsville High School. Police officers responded to the incident and assisted in evacuating the building and ensuring people left the event in a safe manner. When it was determined that there was no fire, staff and students involved with ongoing events were allowed back inside the school.

Although police received reports of a weapon and a bomb threat during the evacuation, police have found no evidence of either.  

Message to parents regarding Oct. 29 event

The following message was sent to parents on Oct. 29

This is Principal Renee Brandner. I’m calling parents of students at Nicollet Junior High to tell you about what took place at school today. During the day, a student reported to a staff member that another student may have brought a weapon to school. After considering the information, we initiated our “shelter in place” protocol throughout the school and Police officers searched school lockers using dogs.

No weapon was found and we returned to normal operations.