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District shares learning models, health & safety plans

On Thursday, Aug. 6, District 191 shared its plans for the three different learning models it could use during the 2020-21 school year, depending on how COVID-19 is affecting its community. 

Based on guidance from the state of Minnesota, the district has created plans for conducting school 100% in person, 100% online, or through a hybrid of in-person and online. 

Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle said that she would be announcing on Aug. 13 which model the district would expect to use to open school based on the best information available at that time. 



Learning Models

100% In Person

  • All students attend each day in person 
  • Health and safety protocols in place
  • Handwashing, masks/shields, no large group activities
  • Social distancing whenever possible 
  • Parents can choose One91 Virtual Academy, a 100% online option

100% Distance Learning

  • All students attend school through distance learning; some in-person learning possible for students who need special supports
  • Interact with licensed teacher each day 
  • At least 120 minutes of synchronous (live, virtual class meetings) instruction
  • New tools support flexible grouping, access to learning materials
  • Online tools so students can practice independently
  • Common expectations for Schoology and SeeSaw
  • Focused/streamlined communication with families and students

Hybrid Model

The district’s goals for the hybrid model are to provide as much in-person time for each student as possible while also following increased health and safety measures. The district also prioritizes younger students when it comes to in-person instruction. In all of the situations below, schools will:

  • Maintain 6-foot social distancing
  • Use all spaces within a building
  • Keep students in “pods” to minimize contact with other students
  • Follow other health protocols, including handwashing, wearing masks, no large group activities
  • Parents can choose One91 Virtual Academy, a 100% online option

PreK-Grade 2

  • In-person 4 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • Distance learning 1 day per week (Wednesday)

Grades 3-5
Students attend in-person 2 days per week, distance learning 3 days per week

  • Cohort A (Mon-Tues in person, Wed-Fri distance learning)
  • Cohort B (Thurs-Fri in person, Mon-Wed distance learning)

Grades 6-12 (except BAHS and BEST)
Students attend in-person 2 days per week, distance learning 3 days per week

  • Cohort A (Mon-Tues in person, Wed-Fri distance learning)
  • Cohort B (Thurs-Fri in person, Mon-Wed distance learning)

Burnsville Alternative High School (BAHS) and Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Transition (BEST) program
Students attend in-person 4 days per week OR 2 days per week depending on individual needs

Family Choice

Families will have two options for their student’s learning experience this fall. 

Option 1: Distance/Hybrid/In-Person

In this option, based on public health conditions, students and our schools may move between three learning models throughout the school year: distance learning full time, a hybrid between distance and in-person learning, and in-person learning full time.

If parents choose this option for their children, they do not have to do anything. We will assume your child will attend in this manner. Learn more about the distance, hybrid and in-person instructional models

Option 2: Distance Learning Full Time

For families that do not want any kind of in-person learning, the district will offer a full-time distance learning option called One91 Virtual Academy. The academy will be taught by One91 teachers and will operate independently from the distance/hybrid/in-person models. 

Parents must register each child they wish to attend One91 Virtual Academy. Registration is open until Aug. 16. Learn more about and register for the One91 Virtual Academy. 


In a hybrid model, students will be required to practice social distancing while riding the bus. This means the district will not have as much space for students, so we are asking families to use alternative transportation if they can, such as driving their children to school, participating in a ride share with friends/neighbors, or walking/biking if it is safe. 

If you live in an area where school bus transportation is provided and you are able to use alternative transportation, please Opt-Out of school bus transportation by completing this form.

Childcare/Project KIDS

Childcare during distance learning time for children in grades K through 5 is currently being planned.  Tier 1 families, which includes first responders and educators will have access to free child care during typical school hours only. 

Planning is also underway for K-5 childcare in each elementary for both before and after school.

Details, including potential space limitations, will depend on what learning model (in-person, online or hybrid) the district is using. More information will be provided to families at that time.


Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2020 - 15:12