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Burnsville High School students earn national awards for community service impact

The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) and InnerView are recognizing 135 Burnsville High School students in the 2nd Annual National Community Service Awards. 

This program has been designed to connect student community service activities and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world. Students from Burnsville High School delivered the most impact for SDG 4-Quality Education.

“The passionate and deliberate work of our students, advisors and teachers continues to demonstrate just how Future Ready, Community Strong we are, and how much pride we take in that,” said Courtnee Jackson-Floback, youth development coordinator. “I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to work with our One91 family and be a small part of what continually makes our community great.”

The three tier award program recognizes a range of student achievement: Merit for 20 hours, Honor for 40 hours and Ambassador for 100 hours of service this school year. 

Students receiving community service awards are:

Ambassador Awardees: Mia Austin, Emily Gibson, Makayla Haddorff, Helen Huynh, Ryan Mokandu, Jemimahqueen Saidu, Jessica Schmid, Jessie Vogler and Alyssa Wood.

Honor Awardees: Riyan Ahmed, Michael Angara, Kayla Becker, Kirsten Buckner, Alexis Bunnell, Enrique Calderon, Aziz Calva-Navarro, Hunter Chester, Semaj Copeland, Qiuting Fang, Abigail Fors, Michelle Garcia Herrera, Fatima Garza-Ramon, Asher Giese, Audra Hakanson, Ulises Hernandez, Jiayu Hu, Gabriel Hubbard, Vernessa Jones, Kalissa Lorensen, Leah Merid, Emma Meyer, Eaden Mezemure, Fatuma Mohamed, Ciara Nyberg, Judy Penh, Yodahit Philipos, Shreyas Pothini, Kerrie Schaefers, Emma Tobias, Hannah Topping, Janefrances Umez and Emma Wavrunek.

Merit Awardees: Adam Abukar, Joseph Anderson, Egrah Audil, Sofiya Bak, Asha Bashir, Katherine Berge, Noah Blackbourn, Anna Blanco Beauperthuy, Montserrat Blanco Lopez, Hannah Bonneville, Forrest Bowman, Lindsey Brown, Andrew Bunnell, Cade Bunnell, Payton Bunnell, Dalton Burns, Calvin Cheng, Jayden Chow, Savannah Christenson, Kiah Christopherson, Sebastian Cocco, Melissa Datres, Megan Diggan, Mayte Draper, Sydney Ernst, Aldo Flores Rodriguez, Ryan Fors, Christopher Garritty, Jurusalem Gebrekristos, Lauren George, Nathaniel Grenke, Wendy Gutwa, Briana Hanegraaf, Rebecca Harder, Christalynn Hatter, Megan Hjermstad, Brianna Hoevet, Jack Holmstrom, Leah Hopperstad, Jacob Johnson, Sofia Kemeny, Samantha Kielas, Kara Klavins, Katelyn Kleiter, Max Kortenhof, Morgan Krumwiede, Alexandra Lee, Erika Leeman, Anh Lien, Ruoxin Liu, Nawal Mahamed, Nadia Maxamed, Mara McMahon, Nahomi Merid, Grace Milhaupt, Ashley Miller, Abdullahi Mohamoud, Skye Moore, Hanna Munoz-Halvorson, Megan Neutz, Ryan Nguyen, Sophie Nilsson, Marshall Norring, Daisy Nunez Ramos, Carter Odegard, Zoe Olson, Annelise Panos, Oriana Penaloza Ortega, Mackenzie Peterson, Lauren Pettis, Tian Xu Pomonis, Ruby Pozorski, Shavonnye Rath, Breanna Reuter, Joslyn Reuter, Tia Rian, Destiny Robinson, Connor Seywerd, Samuel Skonseng, Katie Struzyk, Natalie Sunder, Reed Thoma, Alexa Tinder, Thu Tran, Lucas Trussell, Nathan Trussell, Jenna Tvedt, Mex Ul, Peter Voigt, Maria Widen, Blake Widness, Ryan Wollmuth and Martha Wondimu.

The collective activity of our students this school year, delivered nearly 19,000 service hours and personal activities to address local needs. This achievement earned an additional distinction of the Ruby Award for outstanding impact.    

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Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 - 12:29