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District 191 administrators, teachers provide leadership at professional learning summer institute

More than 60 Burnsville-Eagan Savage School District 191 teachers, coaches and administrators attended the Collaborative Literacy Summer Institute, a three-day event sponsored by the Center for the Collaborative Classroom, District 191 and Hamline University. More than 250 people from across the Midwest attended the event, which was held June 11-13 at Hamline University in St. Paul.

The event provided 10 hours of professional learning, a keynote by author Peter Brunn and interactive breakout sessions. Seven educators from District 191 presented at the conference, including Brittany Anderson, Chris Bellmont, Katie Ness, Katy Ploehn, Katie Salmela, Alli Skoglund and Terese Trekell.

“The Collaborative Classroom institute was affirming, validating, eye opening, challenging and exciting – all rolled up into two amazing days!” said Bellmont, Gideon Pond Elementary principal. “We discovered that we, as a One91 organization, are implementing state-of-the-art strategies aligned to successfully educate all of our learners.”

Salmela and Ness, District 191 digital learning specialists, presented a session on how they strategically aligned technology integration with ‘Making Meaning’ and ‘Being a Writer,’ District 191’s literacy curriculum.  

“I love being able to give teachers ideas about how to use tech with students in ways that are meaningful and give students options for choice and voice,” said Salmela. “In our session, we gave teachers time to meet in grade level groups to talk about integrating tech, and it was my favorite part of the session – seeing teachers from different districts and states sharing their expertise, their ideas, and making connections to collaborate.

Salmela added, “The conference helped me dive deeper into the connection between self-discipline and learning, and better understand how conferring works and how it supports our students as readers.”

Collaborative Classroom leaders also shared examples of how others are transforming instructional leadership in literacy through powerful conversations about coaching, equity, collective efficacy and more.

Collaborative Classroom is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing continuous professional learning for teachers through curricula that supports the academic, ethical and social development of children.

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Posted: Friday, June 21, 2019 - 10:29