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2019 Senior Profile: Jenea Hayes

To celebrate members of the Class of 2019 and help the One91 Community get to know some of the students at Burnsville High School and Burnsville Alternative High School, we're publishing several "Senior Profiles" as we gear up for commencement ceremonies the week of June 3. Congratulations to all of our seniors! 

Who was a favorite teacher or staff member & why?

Desha Russell is one of my favorite teachers. She is always there when you need her, and she gives the best advice you could ask for.

What is one memory of high school you will take with you after leaving?

One memory I will not forgot is when we got ice cream for the end of the quarter.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I am planning on going to go to college and take my general classes.

How do you think you've changed as a person during the last four years?

I've became more interactive with my work and started paying more attention in class.

What advice would you give to younger students to make the most of their high school experiences?

Don't ever think you can't do it, because you can!

How did your high school experience prepare you for your future?

It prepared me for the real world.

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Posted: Monday, June 3, 2019 - 09:40