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2019 Senior Profile: Jon Butler

To celebrate members of the Class of 2019 and help the One91 Community get to know some of the students at Burnsville High School and Burnsville Alternative High School, we're publishing several "Senior Profiles" as we gear up for commencement ceremonies the week of June 3. Congratulations to all of our seniors! 

Who was a favorite teacher or staff member & why?

My favorite teacher at the high school has been Mrs. Millea. She is funny and outgoing, and she's not afraid of sharing her personality with her students to make a relationship with them. Her classes teach much more than what is prescribed in the curriculum.

What is one memory of high school you will take with you after leaving?

One memory I will take with me from high school is all the time spent in the Mraz Center, whether it be performing, helping others, or just hanging out.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I plan to attend Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle to study musical theater and music.

How do you think you've changed as a person during the last four years?

I believe I have become much more confident in myself over the last three years. My time here has taught me that your attitude and what you put into something is the only thing that matters, and has a huge effect on how you look back on that time later.

What was the most difficult challenge you faced in high school?

One of the most challenging things I faced in the last three years was learning how to be myself and not let the opinions of others tear me down.

What advice would you give to younger students to make the most of their high school experiences?

To make the most of your high school experience, get as involved in as many different things as you can. Being part of many groups of people will not only help you grow, but will expose you to a wider variety of people, ideas, and beliefs.

How did your high school experience prepare you for your future?

My high school experience helped me prepare for the future by helping me explore the things that I already knew I loved. The classes I took and the activities I joined helped me shape my own identity, and become the person I wanted to be.

What makes you most excited when you think about your future?

I become most excited when I think about doing the things that I love and being rewarded for it. In a career that I know I am confident in, I know that my job will feed my soul, and inspire me to do that job better, and become very skilled in that craft.

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Posted: Friday, May 24, 2019 - 09:30