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Get to know leaders of the Eagle Ridge student leadership group CREDO

The main purpose of the student leadership group CREDO is to help build a positive culture at Eagle Ridge Middle School (ERMS), according to adviser Michelle Henderson, a counselor at the school.

“We want ALL ERMS students to feel like they belong and are part of ERMS,” she said. “We offer various activities to build community so all students feel connected.

“Student leaders who have the potential to lead our student body in a positive way, to promote kindness and generosity, and be role models for younger students are selected for CREDO,” said Henderson.

Before the school year begins, CREDO students attend a retreat where they boost leadership skills, build teamwork, and plan events and activities for the school year.

Right away, CREDO students assist during orientation with distribution of Chromebooks and schedules along with teaching incoming students how to open their lockers and locate classes. Throughout the school year, CREDO is also involved with events/activities like Mix It Up Day where students sit in different place during lunch to meet new classmates.  

In addition to being CREDO leaders, Bianca Froebe and Bryce Soberski are members of National Junior Honor Society and active in theater. Bianca attended Harriet Bishop Elementary, and Bryce was a student at Vista View Elementary.

Why did you decide to be part of CREDO at Eagle Ridge Middle School?

Bianca: To gain new experiences, and also to build unity in our school.

Bryce: For leadership opportunities, and to meet new people and have fun.

What’s been a highlight for you as a CREDO member so far this year?

Bianca: Positive messages that we create and place on lockers

Bryce: Writing and directing the performance of a short skit about bullying.

How does your involvement in CREDO make you more future ready?

Bianca: Leadership, role modeling, presenting to groups, working with a group to plan projects

Bryce: Problem solving, and teamwork, planning events and activities

How do you benefit from being in CREDO?

Bianca: CREDO is about bringing people together. By working on events, you get to know more people, and we become closer.  

Bryce: Through CREDO, you meet new people that you normally would not get to know, and you get to have interesting discussions and make new friends. It builds you as a person.

What advice would you give to incoming 6th grade students?

Bianca: Branch out with classes and activities. Try something new. Also start out strong because grades start to matter now.

Bryce: Don’t be nervous about starting middle school. You will quickly develop routines and feel comfortable at the school. You’ll meet new people and make new friends.

What are your favorite subjects at school:

Bianca: Math and communications

Bryce: Math and social studies because I’m a history buff

Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 15:39