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Burnsville High School freshman on the path to stardom

Jerome Treadwell's holiday concert slated for Dec. 19 at Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul.When he’s not at school or studying for his advanced placement and honors courses, you might find Jerome Treadwell, a freshman at Burnsville High School, playing the saxophone or singing while jamming out with one of his many bands. Or, you might find him practicing his moves on the football field. He might even be lending a hand at his parents’ salon in St. Paul. Wherever you find him, just know that he won’t be there too long because Jerome is going places.

Jerome has always had a love for music. When he was in the third grade, he remembers reading a book about a young African American boy from New Orleans who played the saxophone. So, in the fourth grade when he had the chance to pick an instrument to play in the school band, Jerome chose the saxophone. From there, his love for music grew, specifically music rooted in his African American heritage, like jazz and gospel.
A self-taught musician who sings and plays saxophone, piano, bass, drums and is beginning to learn flute, Jerome plays at venues across the Twin Cities metro area, including Bunker’s Music Bar & Grill, the Minnesota State Fair and the Twin Cities Jazz Festival. He also plays with a variety of well-known individuals within the music community, including professional musicians Rev. Sekou, Yanni Davis, Courtland Pickens, The Men of New Hope, Omar AbdulKarim and many more.
Jerome has his sights set on either attending a school for music, like the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Manhattan School of Music or Julliard, or he hopes to get a scholarship to play Division I football. For now, he is focused on getting good grades, playing gigs, making connections with other artists and releasing an EP (extended playlist) next April.
“Jerome is an incredible young man who is a well-rounded young athlete and involved in multiple extra-curricular activities,” said Vince Varpness, varsity football coach. “He will excel in anything he puts his mind to, and it's been a pleasure to have the opportunity to coach this young man. I’m excited about his future!”
Dave Helke, principal of Burnsville High School, commented, “Jerome is new to our school district but is already making an impact! He gets what it means to be part of a community and, in his short time here, has made a huge impression on staff. He succeeds as an athlete, a musician and a student. He is positive and I always see him at school with a smile and giving an enthusiastic greeting. He is an articulate young man who wants to be involved and make a difference. Beyond all of his involvement at school, he just recently produced a holiday music concert, which was an incredible accomplishment!”
Jerome’s band performed a holiday concert Dec. 19 at Can Can Wonderland, located at Prior Ave. N. #004 in St. Paul. Here are a couple video clips of his concert:
For more information about Jerome and his music, you can visit Jerome’s social media pages:
Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 08:04