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Super Snacks boost after-school nutrition

Students need nourishment to do their best at school. That’s why schools in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 are adding entrees and vegetables to snacks that are provided to students in after-school programs.

The district’s Food and Nutrition Services has provided healthy snacks to students in after-school programs for years. But now in addition to milk or fruit/juice and a bread/grain, students will receive vegetables and an entree which makes this a Super Snack. Entees may include sandwiches, meat, or cheese and crackers. Many selections are different from what’s served during the school day.   

“We expect more of students each year, and with increasing academic rigor we need to provide increased support,” said Dr. Elizabeth Vaught, principal at Edward Neill Elementary School. “This is a positive and wonderful change to our after-school programming.”

Eight elementary schools in the district qualify to receive federal funding for the Super Snack program: Rahn, Sioux Trail, Edward Neill, Gideon Pond, Sky Oaks, Vista View, Hidden Valley, and M.W. Savage.

Students who attend after-school programs (Project KIDS and PALS) at these schools will receive the Super Snack as well as students who participate in Burnsville Youth Collaborative (BYC) programming at two middle schools in the district. Students must consume the food at school.

“We hope to expand the program in the future to make sure that all students who need Super Snack will receive it,” said Vaught.

Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 09:13