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BHS teachers selected to share expertise at national conference

Two Burnsville High School teachers were selected to give a presentation at a national conference attended by educators from K-12 school districts and colleges/universities this summer.

Kristina Aars (at left) and Colleen Coleman shared their expertise at the 5th Annual Schoology User Conference with their presentation: “Hacking the Achievement Gap: 10 Schoology Tips to Make Every Student More Successful.” Schoology is the online learning management system used in secondary schools in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191.

“It was exciting to be able to share real-world successes at a national educational technology conference,” said Aars. “This was a chance to showcase our high school students and the progress we see in the classroom.”

Their session highlighted best practices with Schoology to help students attain high achievement. It also included feedback from their students about what worked best for them. One student said, “Schoology helped me stay organized. I really liked that I always knew what we were doing each day. Also, if I was absent, I knew exactly what I had missed.”

“Just the act of giving students access to technology and a great learning management system won’t singlehandedly make them successful” said Coleman. “Schools and teachers need to be thoughtful, intentional and consistent in how they use Schoology.”

The teachers shared data from their courses to show how Schoology helped all of their students to be more organized, collaborative and engaged with classroom instruction. Coleman and Aars said Schoology helps them individualize instruction to provide leveled learning, academic support and enrichment.

In District 191, Aars and Coleman serve as coaches who work with their peers from all different technology backgrounds and subject areas to successfully use Schoology to benefit student learning.  

“Colleen and Kristina are leaders in our district with the use of Schoology,” said Rachel Gorton, the district’s coordinator of instruction technology. “They facilitated a year-long class for teachers that was informative and collaborative. Participants especially liked the examples that Colleen and Kristina shared of what worked well in their classrooms and what did not.”

By attending the national conference, Coleman and Aars head into the new school year with exciting new ideas for expanded use of Schoology.

Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 - 11:00