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Community scholarships presented to graduating seniors

Burnsville High School seniors were awarded scholarships totaling more than $110,000 at this year’s Community Scholarship Awards Ceremony May 24.    

The event was sponsored by Foundation 191, the not-for-profit organization created to enhance, enrich and expand educational opportunities in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191. Foundation 191 now oversees the Community Scholarships Program which provides scholarships to graduates funded by area businesses, civic organizations, clubs and individuals.   

“We are fortunate to have a supportive community that places a high value on education and gives generously in so many ways.” said Dave Helke, principal of Burnsville High School. “We are so grateful and appreciative of the scholarships that will help our students achieve their goals for higher education.”

Several scholarships were presented in memory of former teachers, students and community members. For example, the family of Burnsville community leader and businessman Ken Slipka presented two scholarships. Scholarships were also presented in memory of students Devin Delaney and Taylor Ziebol; teachers Mary Lenhardt, Lon Hitch, Renae Gustafson and Robert Naffziger, and administrator Howard Hall. The Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund, in honor of the former teacher and coach, presented scholarships to six students.  

The Class Acts annual teacher variety show raised funding to provide $1,000 scholarships to 11 seniors at Burnsville High School and Burnsville Alternative High School this year. “We are totally a ‘community scholarship’ as the show has continued only due to the incredible support from our community businesses, community members and the entire staff of School District 191,” said Lucretia Jeffers, an organizer of the event. “In 30 years, Class Acts has given out $376,000 in scholarships to our graduating seniors wishing to further their education.”

Scholarship donors and recipients are:

  • American Legion Burnsville 1700 - Olivia Brammer and Samantha Panos;

  • Apple Auto Scholarship presented by the Minneapolis Foundation - Kelly Solberg;

  • BA191 Ken Slipka Baseball Scholarship - Garrett Gregersen;

  • Burnsville Association of Educational Assistants - Payton Handrahan;

  • BHS Student Council - Luke Haddorff and Malorie O’Brien;

  • Burnsville Athletic Club - Elizabeth Cummings, Mackenzie Duncan and Jack Kudra;

  • Burnsville Breakfast Rotary - Jacob Boatman, Kaitlyn Lakson and Chelsea Zerr;

  • Burnsville High School Tennis - Macauly Donohue, Allie Draper, Alex Gude, Kendra Gudmonson, Luke Haddorff, Payton Handrahan, Albert Liu and Sutton Strander;

  • Burnsville Lions’ Club - Samantha Brenes, Katherine Do, Michelle Dolan, Natasha Hassan, Vanessa Kiriago, Maxwell May, Davina Persaud, Sarra Suphavong, Falak Tawaklna and Julio Urgiles-Inamagua;

  • Burnsville Noon Rotary - Kaitlyn Lakson;

  • Burnsville Principals Association - Ayla Resendez;

  • Class Acts - Daniel Akah, Olivia Bendickson, Samantha Brenes, Kristine Brinkman, Princess Daniels, Vitoria Gueorguiev, Katlin Johnson, Shealyn McMahon, Lucy Mertens, Yevgeniy Bak and Spencer Harned;

  • Dakota Electric Association - Eyerusalem Abebaw, Lysandra Alvilar, Cameron Bedford, Jake Beeson, Jacob Boatman, Jeffy Jeffy, Dalatheon Legrand, Julia Machuchu, Christian Marineau and Murwoa Yusuf;

  • Devin Delaney Memorial Scholarship - Garrett Gregersen, Conner Mauck and Jonah Norling;

  • District 191 Employees - Jose Cazares, Elizabeth McCormick, Emily Reynolds, Ryan VanEps and Murwoa Yusuf;

  • Firefly Credit Union Firefly Credit Union Blood Drive - Jake Chudecke, Kaylee Martynow and Elizabeth McCormick;

  • Firefly Credit Union Great Savings Challenge - Elizabeth McCormick;

  • Hanson Scholarship - William Alvey, Olivia Brammer, Christopher Fuentes Chevez, Mitchell Huerd, Brock Schultz and Elija Worley;

  • Harriet Bishop PTO - Ali Mohamed;

  • Howard Hall Memorial Scholarship - Abeal Sinbero;

  • Ken Slipka Leadership Scholarship - Makaela Kallstrom;

  • Kopp Family Foundation - Madison Burk, Antonio Alvarez Cruz and Tiffany Preisinger;

  • Lifetouch Presidential Scholarships - Janessa Cook, Megan Osterhaus and Alessandra Genis;

  • Lon Hitch Community Involvement Memorial Scholarship - Falak Tawakalna;

  • Lon Hitch Education Memorial Scholarship - Vanessa Kiriago;

  • Mary Lenhardt Memorial Scholarship - Kaylee Martynow and Shealyn McMahon;

  • Metcalf PTO - Elizabeth McCormick;

  • National Honor Society General Scholarship - Sydney Dahl, Thanh Manh Dinh, Albert Liu, Megan Osterhaus, Cristian Pina-Flores, Derek Pina-Flores and Thomas Ryan;

  • NHS Officer Scholarship - Courtney Funk, Elizabeth McCormick and Emily Reynolds;

  • P.E.O. Chapters DP/EI Women’s Scholarship - Hannah Schliemann;

  • P.E.O. S.T.A. R. Scholarship - Elizabeth McCormick;

  • Renae Gustafson Memorial Scholarship - Fiona Chow and Albert Liu;

  • Robert Naffziger Memorial Scholarship - Abeal Sinbero;

  • Savage American Legion - Kristyn Loyva;  

  • Savage Rotary - Sereirotha Phay;

  • Taylor Ziebol Memorial Scholarship - Sameesha Harmon;

  • Timothy L. Correll (TLC) Foundation - Samantha Duncan;

  • Walser Foundation Driving a Stronger Community - Olivia Brammer.

Posted: Friday, June 1, 2018 - 12:33