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Life Illuminated blood drive set for May 23

Burnsville High School DECA club is once again teaming up with Memorial Blood Center to plan and manage a blood drive during the school day on May 23. The blood drive is open to BHS students and staff.

The Life Illuminated campaign is a series of blood drives run by DECA, which prepares students who want to pursue finance, marketing, hospitality and management fields. BHS is one of many high schools and colleges across the globe that offers DECA to its students.

“Working on the blood drive has taught us how to act and work in the business field,” BHS senior and DECA officer Jake Chudecke said. “In the long run, through our work with local businesses, we are becoming real-world ready.”

DECA hopes to collect 200 units of blood during the drive, with one unit of blood having the ability to save up to three lives.

“Running a blood drive, or any event at this scale, takes a great deal of planning,” DECA officer and senior Elizabeth McCormick said. “We hope to gain experience in successful project management, which can be applied to careers in virtually any industry.”

Elizabeth said the numerous tragedies the world has faced recently has meant a greater need for blood in some places, and she’s hopeful more people will donate in response.

“During the process, we need to find supporters, work with Memorial Blood Center, find donors, write a 30-page paper, involve as many DECA chapter members as possible and learn how to run a successful event,” DECA officer and senior Kaylee Martynow explained.

Due to its success last year, when 176 units of blood were collected, BHS business teacher and DECA advisor Meggan Malone said that DECA is planning on coordinating and managing a blood drive with Memorial Blood Center every year.

“For being a first time blood drive, that was pretty incredible,” Memorial Blood Center representative Rachel Campbell said. “I was most impressed with their dedication to all aspects of the blood drive.”

Campbell also noted that not only did she notice the group focusing heavily on recruiting donors to fill their schedule, but they were also able to work with businesses to receive food donations for pre- and post-donation snacks.

“Taking into account all that the DECA students did to make sure their donors were comfortable and their goals were met, I would say they are on a great path to success,” Campbell said.

For information about the Life Illuminated blood drive campaign, please see the BHS Blood Drive website at:

Students and staff who want to donate blood can register here.

Community members can learn how to donate blood with Memorial Blood Center by visiting

Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 12:46