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Hidden Valley students compete at Math Masters

Thirteen Hidden Valley Elementary students competed on three teams in the Math Masters competition at Lakeville South High School on Friday, April 20.

Math Masters challenges students to use critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities, and gives recognition for academic effort and achievement.  The events include individual and team competitions in a wide range of math areas to allow students with many interests and backgrounds to excel. These challenges are the culmination of a year-long preparation as team members work to improve their math skills.  

Most years, as many as 5000 students compete at 35 different sites around the state of Minnesota and in Wisconsin as teams and individuals. This year, Lakeville South hosted 178 students from 37 teams representing 13 schools.

Coached by Nathan Naef, Hidden Valley teams and their members were:

Hidden Valley 1

  • Emma Legorreta
  • Hafsa Mohamud
  • Mohamed Sharrif
  • Ruth Tesfaye
  • Max Winkler

Hidden Valley 2

  • Miaoting Fang
  • Linh Hoang
  • Sabirin Mohamud
  • Hanan Mohamed-Sadiq Dayib

Hidden Valley 3

  • Abdurrahmaan Ahmed
  • Juan-Carlos Carrillo Ruiz
  • Edgar Pineda Maya
  • Jose Luis Sanchez Gutierrez

Congratulations to all the students on their hard work and growth as Math Masters!

Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 09:20