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Burnsville High School's badminton program is a model of cultural richness

A recent StarTribune article about Burnsville High School's badminton program highlights the team's cultural richness and how the program is a unique reflection of the Burnsville community.  

In early 2018, BHS and District 191 leaders outlined a plan to help the school succeed in living its values of inclusiveness and equity. The plan focuses on creating opportunities for dialogue, providing space for students to share their voices, and expanding learning opportunities for students and staff. 

Burnsville High School is committed to building a strong community of students, teachers, staff and families that makes it clear to each student that they are valued and welcome.

We are a diverse community, with each of us bringing unique experiences and perspectives. We learn from each other grow together, and our cultural richness is part of what will help each student be #FutureReady. 

StarTribune article written by Ron Haggstrom, with photos by Aaron Lavinsky


Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 10:27