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Hidden Valley students try out app that brings the world to their classroom

Students at Hidden Valley Elementary School did some beta testing for a new Google Expeditions app recently.

The school was among a selected few asked to try out a new augmented reality mobile application (simply called “the AR app”) that is being developed as part of the Google Expeditions education product line.

It's different from the virtual reality Google Expeditions – those "glasses" that students put on to “explore” places and feel like they’re right there. The new app is about bringing visuals into the classroom, functioning similar to Pokemon Go. For example, students would use the app to view 3D renderings of the planets up close as part of a unit on the solar system. At Hidden Valley, students viewed dinosaurs, coral reef, animals, and forces of nature including tornadoes and tsunamis.

Jenn Carlson, the school’s digital learning specialist, appreciated the opportunity for her students in kindergarten through grade 5 to test the app.

“Students are enthusiastic about technology and eager to try new things,” she said. “Tools like this enhance our curriculum and the learning experience of our students.”  

Google Expeditions at Hidden Valley

Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 11:48