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Burnsville High School DECA students shine bright at districts

Thirty Burnsville High School students are moving on to the state DECA competition after participating at a district-level event in St. Paul on Jan. 5.

DECA is a leadership program that provides real-world experiences to prepare students for careers in finance, entrepreneurship, hospitality, marketing and management. Students in DECA-related classes, such as Introduction to Business and Marketing, Professional Sales and Marketing, and DECA Seminar, also have the opportunity to participate in competitive events that focus on demonstrating the skills they’ve learned.

At district competitions, students have the opportunity to build confidence as they are pitted against their peers in presenting skills in specific categories, including a Minnesota state event, role play event and written event.

Only top finishers from each event advance to state competition, and nearly half of Burnsville DECA students who competed earned the right to advance.

Burnsville had several students who presented in more than one event. Four students – junior Tatum Frey and seniors Ryan Horrocks, Makaela Kallstrom and Kaylee Martynow – qualified for state in all three events.

Other students who qualified for state are:

Sam Bardwell, Ryan Blackwood, Kirsten Buckner, Sebastian Cerda, Jake Chudecke, Ariana Driscoll-Cherland, Daniel Habiger, Ian Harpell, Emma Hovde, Zach Huseby, Brianna Kirk,  Kent Le-Vu, Christine Maina, Elizabeth McCormick, Grace Milhaupt, Jackson Morris, Marshall Norring, Kwesi Nyame, Matthew Nguyen, Samantha Panos, Joslyn Reuter, Victor Sanchez, Mahlet Sinke, Daniel Torres and Anthony Tran.

“I am really excited we have students from ninth through 12th grade qualifying for state this year,” said Meggan Malone, business teacher and DECA advisor. “It takes a lot of guts for these students to go outside of their comfort zone, and I am impressed with the number of students at Burnsville who are willing to take a risk and want to prepare for their future.”

The 2018 Minnesota DECA State Career Development Conference will be held March 4-6 in Minneapolis.