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Students create fashions from newspapers, then share on stage

Stacks of newspapers were transformed into unique designs by Burnsville High School students who shared their creations in a unique runway fashion show on the Mraz Center stage Dec. 7.

Students in the Design Studio class, taught by Family and Consumer Science (FCS) teacher Sarah Schram, were assigned to create a wearable fashion item that met five elements/principles of design. Another requirement was that 80% of the item had to be newspapers.

“Students took this ‘Newspaper Runway’ project as an opportunity to express their creativity and imagination,” said Schram. “They were so engaged throughout the designing process and it was very impressive how they took this project and ran with it.”

Schram loved watching their critical thinking process as students evaluated their work and planned their designs. “Then it was very rewarding to see them display their work,” she said.

In the course, students develop their personal and career interest in the areas of fashion design and housing and interior design. They explore the elements and principles of good design and theory and then express themselves in fashion and their surroundings in various class projects.

Posted: Friday, December 8, 2017 - 10:13