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BHS students put engineering skills to practice developing new Chromebook case

BHS Design & Engineering - Chromebook Case

A group of design engineering students at Burnsville High School are working to design a new protective case for the Chromebooks that are issued to all students and staff in District 191’s secondary schools.

The idea comes after a school wide survey showed that the majority of BHS students are not satisfied with the cases currently issued with the district’s Chromebooks. Students have noted that the cases have a tendency to crack easily, failing to protect the Chromebooks.

“Our survey showed that the majority of students want an increase in durability and usability in the cases,” said BHS junior Josh Holtzleiter. “Our class hopes to do what we can to address those points and make a solution.”

Holtzleiter is one of four BHS students in the design engineering class working on this project, along with Zachary Matthews, Tim Johnson and Raymond Kwong.

“This project and class helps them prepare for the workforce by allowing them to follow the design process from start to finish, collaborate with peers and collaborate with professionals,” said BHS engineering teacher Orion Patrie. “I want the students to get a rich learning experience filled with difference challenges, successes and failures.”

The group is working together with Acer, the manufacturer of the district-issued Chromebooks, along with District 191’s technology department to build a case that is more robust than the existing cases given to students and staff. The project entails coming up with the problem on their own and going through both digital and physical sketches and modeling to develop a viable solution to the problem.

The group is expecting this project to go through most of the school year, and they hope to build a prototype of their solution within the next few months.

“They're practicing the skills and gaining the knowledge that they'll need in the future if they pursue careers in engineering,” Patrie said.

Note: Story by Justin Amaker, Burnsville High School senior and District 191 communications intern.
Posted: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 11:16