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BHS grad now at Harvard shares advice with students

Older and wiser after completing his first semester at Harvard University, Trang Truong returned to Burnsville High School to share advice about the college experience with current students in December.

The 2017 graduate reports that Burnsville High School prepared him for college success. Because the school is diverse, he was comfortable relating to all kinds of people at Harvard. Other students, who had not attended a diverse high school, had culture shock.

Burnsville High School also prepared him academically for the prestigious Ivy League college with the honors, Advanced Placement and College in the Schools (CIS) classes.

He believes that  involvement with the school’s Quiz Bowl team was key to his admittance since it showed his interest in learning about the world.

He advised students to find what interests them. There are a multitude of clubs and activities at Burnsville High School and he encouraged students to get involved in some. Even better would be to start a club, he said, because that demonstrates leadership.

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is more than just a practice test and he advised students to take it seriously because it can lead to scholarships. He reminded students of the importance of junior year because, “That’s what colleges look at when reviewing applications.”

Students asked questions about handling academic stress at college and wondered about the quality of food and dorm rooms at Harvard. They wanted to know if he’s met the most famous member of his freshman class -- Malia Obama, older daughter of former president Barack Obama. The answer is yes.

Trang was caught off guard by “unexpected homesickness” while faraway in Massachusetts and is happy to be home for winter break and reconnecting with family and friends. Former teachers and classmates were happy to see him when he was at Burnsville High School.

“The staff at BHS is so proud of Trang,” said Allison Millea, BHS English teacher. “Not only is he intelligent and strong-willed, but he is unfailingly kind. It does not surprise me that he would return to his high school to share important information with students who are applying to colleges now or soon will be. What a wonderful thing to do.”

Trang made history at Burnsville High School with two extraordinary accomplishments. He aced perfect scores on both the PSAT and the ACT national college admissions exams.

Photo: Burnsville High School graduate and current Harvard first-year student Trang Truong (grey shirt) speaks with current BHS students about preparing for and entering college.
Posted: Thursday, December 21, 2017 - 15:39