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Burnsville High School to host 'Hour of Code' night for K-12 families

Burnsville High School will be hosting a “Family Hour of Code” night on Dec. 7 from 6 to 8 p.m., as part of the worldwide Computer Science Education Week on Dec. 4-10.

This is the first time that BHS will be hosting a family-oriented Hour of Code event. The goal is to have District 191 families with students who are interested in computer science get together and try coding.

Coding is when you tell a computer exactly what to do by giving it step-by-step directions. It’s also known as computer programming.

“With computers everywhere, we need to encourage and engage our students’ interest in computer science,” BHS computer science teacher Cindy Drahos said. “Every student deserves the chance to learn computer science to access the best careers of the 21st century.”

Drahos also noted that in the manufacturing field, there are more job openings in software than production for the first time, as reported by Burning Glass.

The event is open to all families throughout the school district. Families will have a chance to use the website, along with coding programs such as Codeable, Scratch, App Inventor and put together a Raspberry Pi for coding.

Another goal with this event is to show how students in the school district are getting the opportunity to learn coding in various classes available at all of the district’s schools from kindergarten through grade 12.

“We want to showcase how all students in our district have opportunities to learn coding,” District 191 instructional technology coordinator Rachel Gorton said. “All students learn how to code in elementary school and middle school students continue to code in exploratory courses. In high school, students have many classes they can take to further enhance their skills.”

There will be more than 40,000 Hour of Code events throughout the world with tens of millions of people trying out code over the span of Computer Science Education week. If you would like to learn more about the Hour of Code event and Computer Science Education week, visit

Note: Story by Justin Amaker, Burnsville High School senior and District 191 communications intern.
Posted: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 15:35