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‘Single Sign On’ system simplifies access to District applications

Instead of signing in separately to Google, Schoology and other school-related applications, students and staff members in District 191 will now sign in just once to get access to all of the tools they need. This new single sign on system, called MyISD191, was launched August 8 and can be reached at

The change means students and staff will see different screens as they log in. The first time using the system, users will be asked to set a security question. Once they do, they’ll be taken to a screen that shows the different tools they can access. For most, that list will include Google Apps (i.e. mail, calendar, Drive, etc.) and Schoology.

Another benefit of the change is that most students will have the ability to update their own passwords. Creating and changing passwords is an important part of maintaining safety and security online.

Eventually, other applications and links will be added to help make MyISD191 a one-stop shop for school-related resources.

Go to MyISD191

Posted: Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 08:56