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ACT and ASPIRE tests slated for April 19

Burnsville High School is participating in the statewide administration of the ACT Plus Writing. The ACT is a college readiness assessment that provides useful information to students and their families in planning for college and is used by colleges in their admission process.

All students enrolled in 11th grade will take the ACT Plus Writing during this statewide administration. 

The date for the statewide administration of the ACT Plus Writing is April 19. Your son/daughter can take this assessment even if they have or are planning to take the ACT or any other college qualifying exam. There is no cost for the statewide administration.  In most cases, the score received on the statewide administration of the ACT can be used for college admission.  

There is no need to register your son/daughter for the statewide administration of the ACT Plus Writing on April 19. However, in order to take the ACT Plus Writing, they must be pre-registered through the school. The pre-registration will take place at the high school during the school day.     

Please join us in encouraging your child to work hard on this test so their score does reflect their best effort. The administration of this test does require us to follow procedures and rules set by the ACT organization. In order to ensure a most positive, smooth testing experience, please remind your child of the following items.

1.  Please encourage your child to eat a good breakfast the morning of the test either at home or at school.
2.  They need to be in their testing room at the start of period 1. The testing rosters will be posted in several locations around the school.
3.  They must have a photo ID, # 2 pencils, and an ACT approved calculator (please see information at ACT Calculator Policy to determine if your calculator can be used).
4.  They are not allowed to have electronic devices, including cell phones, backpacks/purses, or their own food and drink.
5.  A small snack and water will be provided during one of the breaks.
6.  After testing is complete, students are allowed to leave school for the day, unless they indicated they are staying for lunch, have been asked by a teacher to stay and make-up work or get extra help, or need to wait for a bus. Buses will pick up students after school at their normal time.

If there are any questions you might have specific to this statewide administration of the ACT Plus Writing, please contact our school counseling office at 952-707-2108.

In addition to the administration of the ACT, all ninth- and tenth-graders will be taking the ACT Aspire on April 19. The Aspire test assesses student readiness in English, math, reading, science and writing. 

Since there will be testing throughout the day for all freshman, sophomores and juniors, there will be no school for seniors on April 19.

If you have any questions regarding the ACT or ACT Aspire, please contact the main office at 952-707-2100.

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Posted: Monday, April 3, 2017 - 09:00