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Donations boost Metcalf’s string orchestra

String instruments worth a total of $10,000 were recently donated to Metcalf Middle School by a group of local music education nonprofit organizations, area businesses, and generous community supporters. Donations also included bows, rosin, instrument cases and other accessories.

Metcalf orchestra students unpack and try out instruments donated through Viva Musica. 

“These stringed instruments are exactly what we need so that every student can get started in our middle school orchestra,” said music teacher Hope Grover. “Many thanks to the donors for these instruments.”

“When Hope reached out earlier this fall to tell us about her growing orchestra program and need for instruments so that all students would have a chance to play, I knew we had to act,” said Erin Belanger Braid, executive director of a nonprofit organization called Viva Musica. She contacted another music education nonprofit, Vega Productions, known for musical instrument drives, and the two nonprofit organizations got to work.

Area businesses KleinBank and JoJo’s Rise & Wine offered to spread the word and serve as musical instrument drop-off points in the area. “I knew the people who bank with us have an interest in supporting our community, and we do, too,” said Rob Heimermann, president of KleinBank Savage.

Through Instruments in the Cloud (, a website Vega created that connects musical instrument donors directly with schools in need, community members in the Burnsville area donated three violins. “Instruments in the Cloud has made it easy for people to support students in their own communities by donating once-loved but no longer used musical instruments,” said Vega’s Caitlin Marlotte.






Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 - 08:35