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Sky Oaks 2016 Back to School Information for Families

Dear Families,

We wish to extend a warm welcome from all of us at Sky Oaks Elementary for the 2016/2017 school year. You will find your teacher name and room number on the label in the top right corner of this letter.  Please note that some grade levels are in different centers. Please review the information included, and if you have moved over the summer please let the office know so we can be sure the correct bussing information is sent to you.

We are very eager for this school year to begin. There is a lot of excitement building around summer renovations to Sky Oaks, which you will notice immediately as you walk up to the building. The PTO generously supported the landscape renovations to the front entrance. It is a gift that sets the tone for the exciting things that are happening inside.

With all the reconstruction we have a special request.  We will not be holding our normal open house during workshop week, as teachers very first day in the building is Monday, Aug. 29. This is the first time teachers will have access to their classrooms, as the building has been under construction all summer, and all of the classroom materials including furniture have been in storage.

Instead we ask that you send materials with students on the first day of school. If you have more than a few supplies that would exceed your students backpack capacity, we understand if you need to bring them to school. If that is the case, please check in with the front office, Thursday, Sept. 1 in the afternoon. We will have a Grand Open House Ceremony in later September, more information to come.

Please join our staff and the Sky Oaks Elementary PTO in making the 2016-17 school year one of the best your child has ever experienced. Together we can create an exciting, interesting, and stimulating learning environment for our students.

Welcome back!


Jon Bonneville, Principal

Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 11:54