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New course will provide strong start for 9th graders

Ninth-grade students will be off to a great start at Burnsville High School with a new course they’ll all take.

Named “Success 191,” the course will build a foundation of knowledge and skills that will help students make the most of their high school years and be ready for college and career when they graduate.

Since this is the first year that ninth-grade students will attend Burnsville High School, school leaders wanted more than a typical orientation. Social studies teachers developed the course with administrative support and it will continue in future years.

“Every school day for an entire semester, our ninth graders will be gaining crucial skills they’ll use to be successful, and they’ll continue to build upon the skills every year,” said William Derden, an associate principal at the school.  

Examples of topics in the Success 191 class are:

  • Digital literacy: Use of Schoology online learning system, digital citizenship, digital log-in and organization, common sense media.

  • Naviance: Interest inventories, career and college research, support and mentoring.

  • Financial literacy: Savings, budgeting, credit, debt, financial planning, insurance, taxes and giving

  • College and career readiness: Pathways, interview skills

  • AVID strategies: Organization, Cornell notes, Socratic seminar and other college/career skills.