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Three Nicollet students selected to be part of national AVID conference

Three ninth-grade students at Nicollet Junior High in Burnsville have been selected to be part of a four-day national conference that educators from around the country will attend in Minneapolis to learn more about Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) in June.

Students (from left) Najma Abdi, Dalton Passon and Tam Nguyen will speak at an upcoming AVID conference.

The students, Najma Abdi, Tam Nguyen and Dalton Passon, are in the AVID college prep program at Nicollet. At the conference, they will share their experiences in AVID and their plans for the future.

“This is such a huge honor and these students are so deserving,” said Danielle Christy, their AVID teacher. “These students are the ‘celebrities’ of this conference that thousands of teachers will attend.”

At Nicollet, AVID is both a building-wide initiative and an elective class designed to help students prepare for and succeed in college by developing critical thinking and organizational skills and establishing a “college-bound” culture among students.

Nicollet has been so successful with AVID that it has been named as an AVID National Demonstration School and serves as a model for other schools implementing the program.





Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 15:55