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Board praises superintendent on leadership, successful year

In a statement following their formal performance evaluation of Superintendent Joe Gothard, members of the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 Board of Education praised Dr. Gothard for his leadership over the previous year and for preparing the district to succeed in years to come.

“The School Board commends Dr. Gothard on distinguishing himself in advocacy on behalf of our students, and in his vision for mobilizing our community to give highest priority to our children and their success,” said Vice Chair Abigail Alt, who led the review process. “Dr. Gothard has set high standards for himself, and indeed for us all, in terms of what we as educators bring to the table to demand and foster growth and achievement for all students.”

In the statement, the Board specifically called out Gothard’s leadership to improve facilities and programming through Vision One91, his efforts to engage the community, and his focus on creating a culturally proficient school system that meets the needs of all learners.

On June 9, Board members met with Gothard in a closed session to assess his performance for the period covering July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, which was the superintendent’s third year with District 191.

Gothard and Board members agreed, in advance, to evaluate his past year performance based on six key district values: vision, structure, accountability, board/superintendent relations, advocacy and unity. (See criteria below.)

As part of the formal evaluation, Alt said each board member took time to reflect on positive accomplishments for the year as well as provide constructive feedback to ensure continued future success. She noted that Gothard satisfactorily met all of the Board’s expectations, and in fact received “accomplished” or “distinguished” ratings on 21 of 25 specific statements detailing the six key values.

The superintendent was evaluated on these six key district values:

Vision: Superintendents establish a vision, expect continuous improvement, and develop a focused plan for achieving District goals.

Structure: Superintendents manage and organize the District’s resources (human, fiscal, operational and material) to accomplish District Goals.

Accountability: Superintendents lead the creation of instructional systems designed for high student achievement and the elimination of student achievement gaps.

Board/Superintendent Relations: Superintendents work with the School Board to identify, prioritize and set policies and governance procedures that maximize the success of all students.

Advocacy: Superintendents integrate principles of cultural competency and equitable practice and promote the success of every student by understanding, responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context.

Unity: Superintendents establish effective two-way communication and engagement with students, staff, parents, media and the community as a whole, responding to feedback and building support for and engagement across the District.

Posted: Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 20:31